Concrete Pipe

Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Hudson Civil Products supply Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe (SRCP) to customers across Tasmania, manufacturing pipe from DN225-DN600 (RRJ & FJ) in Tasmania at their purpose-built facility. 

Larger sizes of pipe (DN750-DN3000) are supplied from ROCLA, one of Australia’s largest SRC pipe manufacturers and suppliers.

All pipe is supplied in accordance with Australian Standards and the highest quality requirements.


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Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Pipe

Hudson Civil Products supply FRC pipe from James Hardie Pipes. The FRC pipe has been used extensively in Tasmania on a range of projects and is strong, light, and long, all features which enable speed of construction efficiencies that deliver real cost benefits.

Longer Lengths - Hardiepipe™ concrete pipes are manufactured in standard 4m lengths, as opposed to the standard 2.44m lengths of SRC pipes. The longer lengths of Hardiepipe™ concrete pipes reduce the number of laying operations during pipeline installation, which allows faster laying and significant savings. This is demonstrated in a straight 100m run which would require only 25 lengths of Hardiepipe™ concrete pipe instead of 40 lengths of SRC pipe.

Durable  - As Hardiepipe™ concrete pipes do not contain steel, the risk of steel corrosion is not present. The autoclaved chemical structure ensures good resistance to saltwater and acidic soil attack, making it ideal for saltwater or marine applications. In Tasmania it is also used extensively by Power Supply Authorities Aurora and Transend in transformer yards, etc. where there is potential for hydrocarbon

Lightweight Composition - At about half the weight per metre of steel reinforced concrete (SRC) pipe, the inherent ‘Strong, Light and Long’ features of Hardiepipe™ concrete pipes translate to easier handling, cost effective & easy transportation and efficient installation.

Strong - Hardiepipe™ concrete pipes meet and exceed the strength capacity required by AS3725:2007 – Design for installation of buried concrete pipes. The impressive long-term capabilities of Hardiepipe™ concrete pipes is attributed in part to their unique deflection capability, and its ability to gain extra load capacity by engaging support from the surrounding soil in which it is buried.

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